How To Seduce A Spy Is Live!

How to Seduce a Spy is available for purchase!

I'm so happy to have my baby finally out there in the world. I hope you all love Henry and Elle as much as I do and that their story gives you a fun and happy break from your daily life. Thank you so much for you support, and Happy Reading!

Where can I buy the book?

Why, I'm so glad you asked! How to Seduce a Spy is available at all the following stores:

Amazon (ebook and paperback):


B+N (ebook and paperback):

Google Play:

The book is available to retailers everywhere, so if you want to see it in your local bookstore or your local library, please request it!

Cover of How to Seduce a Spy by Catherine Stein. Woman with black hat, white shirt, black corset on the front, potion bottle on the back. Blurb reads:  Where potions run technology and passions run deep.    A barmaid with a rare talent.   Paris, 1882. Barmaid and potions expert Elle Deschamps knows a worrying secret: the supply of the magic serum that gives her potions their potency is running dangerously low. When a mysterious gentleman hires her to help search out new sources for serum, she jumps at the chance to earn her way to a life of less drudgery.   A spy on a mission.   Agent of the British crown Henry Ainsworth has a simple directive: end the potions crisis, by any means necessary. Posing as a bodyguard, he joins the beguiling potions expert on her continent-hopping expedition, determined to protect her from the unknown foes who wish to thwart her.   A love neither can resist.   With time of the essence, Elle and Henry must rely on one another to avert disaster. As enemies close in, they find the greatest danger of all may not be to their their lives, but to their hearts.

Those Wacky Victorians

Image of the Mansion of Happiness board game

In my current Work in Progress, my hero and heroine enjoy playing games together. So I went looking for Victorian-era board games, and discovered this gem: The Mansion of Happiness.

Mansion of Happiness is a typical move-around-the-board game like we all know, but in classic Victorian style it was intended not just for fun (The Horror!) but to impart Puritan-style morals to young people. The game even uses a teetotum (spinner) because dice were associated with evil and the devil.

Players navigate a board full of vices and virtues as they try to make their way to the Mansion (aka heaven).

Some of the rules are hilarious:

WHOEVER arrives at the SUMMIT of DISSIPATION must go to RUIN.

WHOEVER gets into a PASSION must be taken to the water and have a ducking to cool him.

WHOEVER possesses AUDACITY, CRUELTY, IMMODESTY, or INGRATITUDE, must return to his former situation till his turn comes to spin again, and not even think of Happiness, much less partake of it.