Meet Catherine

Catherine Stein started reading at age two, when her mother noticed that she could tell the difference between words that started with the same letter. Ever since, she has wandered around with a book in her hand, her backpack, her purse, or even tucked down the back of her pants. A few years after she began to read, she also began to write. She spent the majority of her school career writing non-school-related stories in her notebooks.

In college she took the daring step of majoring in art history, the ultimate "do you want fries with that" degree. Thankfully, however, her degree did allow her to study abroad. In a small town in Tuscany, she participated in an archaeological dig and found copious amounts of Etruscan roof tiles. She had the distinction of being the only student to enjoy cataloging the artifacts.

As an adult, Catherine continues to read and write during whatever spare time she can scare up. She takes frequent long walks, no matter what the weather, and does a lot of her best thinking during these times. She plays the trumpet in multiple groups and loves art of every genre. She is a sports fanatic who will literally watch any sport, though she does prefer football and hockey. She plays beer league hockey on Friday nights with a team that has a sheep for a mascot. She may not play well, but she plays fiercely.

Catherine can often be found dressed in clothing that was purchased at a Renaissance Festival, drinking copious amounts of tea.


Bookish Crafts

One of my hobbies is making jewelry. Most of what I make is chainmail or steampunk, and I occasionally sell some of it at fairs and craft shows with artist friends.

For every book I write, I make a special necklace with charms themed to the characters. Each hero and heroine gets 3-4 items to represent them, though sometimes tracking down the right sort of charms can be difficult. Each chain is anchored by a heart to symbolize their Happily Ever After.