Where potions run technology and passions run deep.

Action — adventure — romance — magic — history

Step into the world of Victorian potions and meet the sassy heroines and sarcastic heroes who live and love there.

Book 0.5 - The Earl on the Train

An earl with a problem.

Nicholas Masterson, Lord Sharpe, has a problem with potions. He won’t drink them, he craves them, and they’re getting weaker by the day. When his spymaster uncle requests that he travel from London to India to investigate, he reluctantly agrees and hops on an early morning train.

A woman with a plan.

Ida Quimby has set herself a goal: begin a new life as an elite perfumer, selling potion-based perfumes to the highest tier of London society. But when her good-for-nothing brother reneges on his promise to supply her with the magic serum for her potions, she takes matters into her own hands and sets out for India to confront him.

The journey of a lifetime.

A chance meeting on a train brings Nick and Ida together, starting them down a path of mystery and intrigue that could get them both killed. Or lead them to a love for all times.

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The Earl on the Train

Book 1 - How to Seduce a Spy

A barmaid with a rare talent. 

Paris, 1882. Barmaid and potions expert Elle Deschamps knows a worrying secret: the supply of the magic serum that gives her potions their potency is running dangerously low. When a mysterious gentleman hires her to help search out new sources for serum, she jumps at the chance to earn her way to a life of less drudgery. 

A spy on a mission. 

Agent of the British crown Henry Ainsworth has a simple directive: end the potions crisis, by any means necessary. Posing as a bodyguard, he joins the beguiling potions expert on her continent-hopping expedition, determined to protect her from the unknown foes who wish to thwart her. 

A love neither can resist. 

With time of the essence, Elle and Henry must rely on one another to avert disaster. As enemies close in, they find the greatest danger of all may not be to their lives, but to their hearts.

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How to Seduce a Spy (Potions and Passions #1)

image of John Singer Sargent's Madame X

Book 2 - Not a Mourning Person

Rachael had hoped the life of a widow would be better than her old life. It's too bad, then, that the name everyone uses to address her belongs to her murderous late husband. The obvious solution: remarriage. And Rachael has her sights set on historian Avery Cantrell.

Avery wants a straightforward business arrangement. No fuss, no delays, no timid virgins. Everyone calls him passionless, but Rachael takes the risk and agrees to an engagement, confident that he has the romantic heart that can bring her the joy she craves.

When the pair stumbles upon an ancient magical secret and a deadly plot, Rachael finds that far more than her heart is in danger. She's not a potions expert or a spy. But it might be up to her to save the world.

Coming Spring 2019

Book 3 - The Trouble With Ladies

Trilobite expert Lady Astrid Wembley wants nothing more than to earn herself a place in a scientific society. When she is threatened with incarceration in an asylum for her "unladylike" behavior, she enlists the aid of a noted physician. The only trouble: his medical theories are absurd and he's far too attractive for his own good - or hers.