Love is in the Airship

An airship and an accidental kidnapping bring together old friends and spark new love.

Spring 2019

hand-drawn image of gold and blue ear-wrap jewelry

Eden's Voice

Old-time football, mechanical dragons, and industrial espionage, set against the backdrop of a university town in 1904.

Coming 2019

image of Nike of Samothrace statue


A forger and a jaded millionaire team up to stop a rash of large-scale art thefts. Airships, museums, wacky machines, and a sassy, sexy love affair.

Sass and Steam, book 3, Title TBA

What do you do when you’ve just inherited an unwanted dukedom overflowing with debt? Fake your own death, obviously. But when the lovely lady pirate you’ve hired to “murder” you turns out to have stolen a priceless treasure map from her biggest rival, death may not, in fact, be the easy way out.